KAZUO protects your massage chair against manufacturer defects during the 1st (first) year of ownership (starting from the date of delivery).

Parts and shipping are free of charge during your warranty period. Repairs are easy because you are not really repairing - you are simply replacing a part/component.

We will send you detailed instructions (with pictures and/or videos) on how to replace the part when necessary. We can also assist you via email or over the phone if needed. We have hundreds of parts available and ready. Our customers have been very happy with this service.

These chairs are heavy due to their steel frame and motorized mechanism, and shipping the chair anywhere for repair would cost tens of thousands of pesos.
This is why we developed this system, to make any reparation as simple as possible.

How to claim the warranty

Please send us a message on our official Facebook page or by email. We will be requiring video and/or picture of the massage chair for proper assessment of our team.

KAZUO reserves the right to inspect any alleged defect. No responsibility will be accepted unless a representative from our company is granted the opportunity to inspect any suspected defect.

Any damage on any part resulting from abnormal / abusive use, lack of care, negligence and incorrect use of the massage chair will not be covered by the warranty. Please note that exposing the product in direct sunlight or sources of extreme heat will lead to damage.

After receiving your claim, our teams will work hard to provide you with the best solution in a timely manner.